Dr Khan's Training At A Glance

Outside of his own qualifications, Dr Khan has trained a variety of eager students in cosmetic procedures and treatments. Events across Europe have featured his expertise, including his keynote speaking at the annual FACE Conference (2005, 2008 and 2009), Aesthetic Medicine Live, Aesthetic Medicine North, ACE, CCR, IMCAS Paris, IAAFA (2009), and CODE (2008 and 2009).

Paramount to Dr Khan’s experience as an educator is the Harley Street Skin Aesthetic Training, a series of training days devoted to hands-on aesthetics for medical practitioners.

Dr Khan at training

The Harley Street Skin Aesthetic Training

Teamed together with Dr Emma Ravichandran and Mr Simon Ravichandran - both leaders in the aesthetics - Dr Khan founded Harley Street Skin Aesthetic Training to pass his knowledge onto a new wave of students.

With a variety of treatments covered, and a collection of levels considered, the training provides the hands-on experience you can’t find in a textbook. The small learning groups and 1-to-1 supervision not only provides deep insight into the treatments with the highest demand, but the use of models to give real-life experience is essential for up-and-coming practitioners. Each course features seminar-style learning, observational study of procedures and treatments being performed by the professionals, and supervised practice on models.

Plus, with a whole host of resources available, from draft documents you can utilise at your own clinic to protocols you should follow, the training goes far beyond the supervised practice of your newfound skills.

  • Foundation Injectables
  • Advanced Injectables
  • Body Augmentation (Butt Lift)
  • Nurse prescribing
  • 1:1 Shadowing And Mentoring With Dr Khan
Experiential Training With Dr Khan
Supervised Training